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The Birth of Jargon Recording Studio
Edmonton, AB


Over the past 3 years and due in no small part to the pandemic, I set about learning some new skills that would be beneficial to my music career, one of which was studio recording. I had plenty of time and material to research and practice since all of my clients and students required prerecorded play-along tracks, as playing music together was not possible. I gradually started to care more and more about tones and levels, got hired for a couple of recording jobs, and so the story goes.

Since my humble beginnings in this field I have learned much, and have gradually accumulated a modest amount of equipment from which I am learning to extract the maximum sonic potential. I'm at my best recording and mixing acoustic instruments as that's what I've been listening to and playing all my life, but have dabbled in drums and electric guitars too. It feels like my ears and knowledge grow with every new song I hear or recording job I tackle. Once I started listening to music like an audio engineer, it's become quickly apparent that there is a vast new world of knowledge available to discover.


While currently quite miniscule, my studio is getting a big spacial upgrade in the coming month which will incorporate a large control room paired with a smaller recording booth. This will allow for more recording channels, better sound isolation, and more space to collaborate. I have good musical sensibilities, working knowledge of my gear, years of teaching experience, and a decently honed ear. Armed with this I would hope to bring out (and record!) our collective best in both you and your project.


If you'd like to book a session or consultation, please don't hesitate to reach out. If, before doing so, you're unsure whether I'd be a good fit for your recording project, feel free to check my portfolio of past recording projects to get a sense of my tastes and strengths.










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Freelance Performer. Session Player . Music Teacher . Producer . Recording Engineer . Video Editor . String Arrangements

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