Jarred Albright has played the violin since he was seven years old and music has been his focus ever since. He started off playing classical music but switched to the fiddle style learning Celtic, folk, old-tyme, and bluegrass before entering post-secondary to pursue jazz performance there. Since then he has endeavoured to teach himself to sing and play mandolin, guitar, banjo and ukulele. In 2012 he and Ben Plotnick were awarded the 10k20 grant from Rawlco radio and their bluegrass duo recorded the self-titled CD Rye & Fairy Tales, to much acclaim. He has spent most of his time since then in Toronto but is happy to call himself an Albertan again.

Music has taken him around the world including the United States, South Korea, Scotland, England, and Ireland. Having recently returned from Toronto to his hometown of Calgary, these days Jarred keeps busy performing with many diverse local acts. He also tours the US with The Tartan Terrors, a Celtic band based out of Ontario, and of course shares his love of music with his many students.



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